Funding Research and access to treatment

A quick overview

The only global MS research campaign

Kiss Goodbye to MS is the only global campaign that raises funds for MS research. In 2020 the campaign is live in 15 countries around the world.

Supporting breakthroughs

From understanding how and why MS does what it does, to finding treatments and (one day) a cure, you are funding the world’s best MS researchers in the search for the breakthroughs we need.


Access to effective healthcare is a basic human need, but around 35% of people can't get any treatment. Your support helps us campaign to make treatments available to everyone.

The brightest young researchers

We think it’s essential to encourage the brightest and best young researchers into MS research so every year we award research grants to the best young candidates from around the world.

International research giants

Members of the MS International Federation support most of the biggest names in MS research. This is why our members have contributed to many of the treatments we currently have as well as some of the breakthrough research happening right now!

Unique collaborations

Through cross-border collaborations like the International Progressive MS Alliance we are linking up world-leading institutions to help them work together to overcome barriers that can’t be tackled alone.

Understanding MS

One of the major barriers to treating and curing MS is understanding the causes and course of the disease. The members of the MS International Federation fund some of the most influential basic science which is helping us to understand more about the disease every day.

Preventing MS

Preventing MS is the ultimate goal for all of us, and our members are funding incredible work in this field, so one day MS will be a thing of the past.

Treating MS

Every approved treatment that comes to the market improves the quality of life for people living with MS. We will continue to fund research that leads to new treatments and access to treatments so that everyone affected by MS has the life they deserve.

In 2020 we want to grow our fundraising community around the world and raise €1 million to speed up MS research and help people living with MS today.

What will you do to help us get there?

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