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By Meghann Stewart

Donate to Meghann's Adventure

Help Kiss Goodbye to MS donate to Meghann’s adventure and honoring her Aunty - Petrina Constance Jones (Trina)

In 1989 I was diagnosed with a tumor on my Acoustic Nerve and my Aunty was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis - I was 25 and she was 47.

The following year I had my tumor removed, giving me a second chance to make the most of life and all it’s challenges. Unfortunately my Aunty didn’t get that second chance and went from a active adventurer to being confined to a wheelchair. And in 2010 passed away at 67 from complications.

I continued through life's path, getting married and having 3 beautiful children. Once they were a bit older, I started getting fit and running - I was 45. Running reminded me of growing up out West in Titirangi, feeling free running barefoot through the bush and on the gravel roads. It also reminded me of my very physical outdoor loving Aunty and our connection we shared.

I cannot imagine how it must have been for her to lose her independence and her love of the outdoors. It felt like the cruelest twist of fate what she had to go through over the last stages of her life. My heart struggles, to this day.

Everyday I feel fortunate and grateful to be able to move and run. I have even done a Personal Training course and Yoga Teacher Training with my passion being Functional Mobility and of course Running. Over the past few years I have taken on many challenges, from World Xterra Half Marathon, City2Surf and many Masters Track events. I feel now I would like to include my Aunty into my adventures. And a way I could do this would be to help raise awareness and funds for Multiple Sclerosis. I have set myself a goal to raise $2018 by the end of 2018.

Also, for every dollar donated to my Kiss Goodbye to MS page, our family will donate another dollar so that when I reach my target we will have raised $4036 for Multiple Sclerosis NZ.

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