The following terms and conditions have been written to ensure that The Multiple Sclerosis Society of New Zealand (MSNZ) can support its fundraisers in the best possible way, whilst raising as much as possible to fund its work. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on +64 03 366 2581 or email hello@kissgoodbyetoms.org.nz

1. As an event participant fundraising in aid of the MSNZ, you can expect the following from us:

1.1. Our support and guidance.

1.2. If requested, provide a letter of support to be used to validate the authenticity of the event and its organisers.

1.3. Acknowledge any direct contributions to MSNZ as a result of your fundraising.

1.4. Provide support around the event you are participating in or organising.

1.5. Help you create a personal web page about your event on our fundraising platform or our website. This web page will not only help you promote your event, but also allow people to make contributions that will be automatically credited to your event.

1.6. Promote the event on MSNZ Kiss Goodbye to MS social media pages where possible.

1.7. Provide existing MSNZ marketing materials, brochures, and information (where available).

1.8. Provide an event t-shirt (where appropriate).

2. As an event participant fundraising in aid of MSNZ, you agree to the following:

2.1. Fundraising: Only to use lawful means to fundraise for MSNZ and not to bring the charity's names into disrepute.

2.2. Images and audio: Any images, video, audio or quotes taken on the event day or at any other occasion relating to your event, may be used by MSNZ to promote future events. If you do not wish your photos, video, audio or quotes to be used you must inform MSNZ in writing to hello@kissgoodbyetoms.org.nz

2.3. Injury: You must ensure that you are medically fit to participate in your chosen event. You take part in your chosen event at your own risk, MSNZ will not be held responsible for injury or illness resulting from participation in an event.

2.4. Event organiser terms and conditions: It is your responsibility to read and comply with all terms and conditions issued by the event organiser.

2.5. Registration: Although you will have registered with MSNZ, you will also need to register your details with the event organisers. This is a health and safety requirement and will ensure you receive all the event information. Failure to register by the deadline will mean you will not be able to take part in the event - this is outside of MSNZ’s control so are not liable for any loss.

2.6. Registration costs: MSNZ is not liable for any costs associated with participating in an MSNZ KGTMS campaign event.

Charity Place event participants

3. As an MS International Federation Charity Place participant, you also agree to the following:

3.1. Once you have completed the Charity Place application form and paid your entry fee, you have secured a place in your event. The MS International Federation reserves the right to revoke places in exceptional circumstances.

3.2. Entry fees: These help to cover MS International Federation’s costs and are therefore non-refundable.

3.3. Fundraising: Raise at least the minimum fundraising target for your event by the fundraising deadline; this is 6 weeks after your event day. The minimum fundraising target can be found on the relevant event registration page.

3.4. Gift Aid: We cannot include the amount raised through Gift Aid in your fundraising total. However, please encourage your sponsors to Gift Aid their donations where possible. This increases the value of their donation at no extra cost to them.

3.5. If you are injured in advance of the event and unable to take part, please let the MS International Federation know as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that if you tell us you’re dropping out after the registration deadline, we will be unable to offer your place to another applicant.

3.6. Deferrals: If you inform us that you need to withdraw from a race before the registration deadline and wish to defer your place to a future event:

 You can roll your event place over to another event occurring within the next year, up to and including the event you originally applied for, subject to availability.

 If you defer your entry to an event with a higher entry fee, you will be required to pay the difference.

 If you defer your entry to an event with a higher fundraising target, you agree to raise the new target amount.

 If you defer your entry to an event with a lower entry fee, the MS International Federation will not be able to refund the difference.

Event Organisers

4. As event organisers, you agree to the following:

4.1. If an individual or group organises or takes part in a third party event to raise funds for MSNZ it is important to be clear that it is ‘in aid of’, not ‘organised by’ MSNZ.

4.2. The organiser (individual or group) is responsible for having its own insurance and for entering into all contracts. MSNZ is not responsible for these events legally or financially.

4.3. It is important to fully assess the fit between the activity proposed and MSNZ. Please be respectful of people affected by MS.

4.4. If you are planning an event or wish to take part in an event for MSNZ, you should always contact a member of our team first. This is to ensure it is an event we can support, it also helps form a plan on how to support you to make sure the event is successful. Contact the team on +64 3 366 2581 or email hello@kissgoodbyetoms.org.nz.

4.5. MSNZ cannot provide funding, pay for or reimburse any expenses incurred as a result of a third party event. This means that the event organiser or participant (whichever is appropriate) must pay all expenses incurred.

4.6. All contracts and permits related to the event must be issued in the name of the organiser and signed by an authorised representative of the organiser. Contracts or permits must not commit MSNZ (or its affiliates) to any contractual obligations and the organiser or participant may not sign anything on behalf of MSNZ. The same applies to liability and insurance.

Selling something for MSNZ

5. If you have chosen to sell items, auction items or donate proceeds of sales to MSNZ, you also agree to the following:

5.1. You must state clearly on the area of sales the amount that will be donated and that it will be donated to MSNZ.

In order for MSNZ to promote any sale or auction, this statement of donations must be on the sales page for public knowledge.

5.2. You should speak to a member of the fundraising team before going ahead with any sales or auctions.

5.3. Once you have begun your sales, you must keep your contact at MSNZ up to date with the amount raised for the charity.

5.4. You should aim to transfer the money as soon as it is in your account, at regular intervals or on an agreed date with the charity. Transfer of money and payment methods must be agreed with the MSNZ fundraising team before sales.

5.5. You must keep a record of sales and make this available to MSNZ if requested. This will enable us to audit our own accounts and provide receipts where required.


6. MSNZ assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable for, any damages to, or viruses that may infect, your computer equipment or other property on account of your access to, use of, or browsing in this website or your downloading of any materials, data, text, image, video, or audio from this website.

Privacy Policy

7. MSNZ has a commitment to safeguarding privacy on this website.

7.1 We will only obtain user information that is supplied voluntarily by you. If MSNZ needs additional personal information to customise its services, or to tell you about new features or services, you will be explicitly asked for that information and told why it is needed.

7.2 By providing us with your contact details, your name and email address will be noted to receive email updates from the MSNZ KGTMS campaign and research news from the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust. You can unsubscribe at any time.


8. MSNZ reserves the right to add, withdraw, suspend, delete or discontinue any material, data, text, image, functionality or feature of this website.

8.1 MSNZ may at any time revise these terms and conditions.

8.2 You can contact us if you have any questions on the operation of the above terms and conditions for this website or wish to reproduce material and require MSNZ permission to do so.

Many thanks for your support and good luck with your fundraising! Remember the fundraising team is here to help and support you, so please do get keep in touch.